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Low in energy? Cure your fatigue with Magnesium!

Cure your fatigue with magnesium!


Over the countless generations, humans have become highly specialized beings. Despite common belief, most experts agree that tribes of hunter gatherers might have worked only 15 hours a week to earn their keep. While our natural state was relatively simple (if uncomfortable and short) the invention of agriculture and trade has led to us modern humans bustling through the great cities of the world with a far more hectic schedule than our berry picking forebears. The details of life have become so numerous and complex these days that it takes a great deal of energy and endurance to keep up, and the world has grown so hyper-competitive that those with the most stamina are often the most successful. Others discover they just don’t have the physical and mental energy to keep up with life’s demands, and find themselves chronically fatigued. For those of us burning the candle at both ends, our “go-go” lifestyles tend to catch up with us eventually. Chronic fatigue is a widespread problem in most modern societies, and stems from the 40+ hour work week, poor diet, lack of exercise, and nutritional deficiencies.


Are you magnesium deficient?

One of the most widespread nutritional deficiencies thought to play a part in long term fatigue is Magnesium. This basic element, buried deep within our bones, is thought to play a part in over 300 biological processes, many of which regulate mood, energy, attention, focus, and endurance. Those suffering from a shortage of magnesium (and researches posit that this number is high in western countries) will find themselves sluggish, blue, and full of stress.
There are several symptoms that may point to a deficiency as the cause of your worn out feeling. Chronic migraines may be an indicator, as would low- grade depression, a sudden increase in feelings of stress and anxiety, and difficulty in concentrating or recalling important details to mind.


Sleepiness and fatigue are totally different!

Fatigue can be hard to pin point, but it is generally considered to be a rather wide group of symptoms with some greater underlying cause. Bear in mind that sleepiness and fatigue are totally different. Fatigue is characterized by physical exhaustion that may leave your body drained but your mind anxious. Many people who suffer from fatigue still find it hard to sleep at night, and may lay awake tossing and turning with the stresses of the day still fresh in their restless minds.
There are many treatment plans in place for chronic fatigue syndrome, but the syndrome itself is so vague and ill-defined that these remedies often vary widely in effectiveness. While there is no replacement for a solid diet full of leafy green vegetables and low on fats and sugars, healthy eating may not always be enough to set your body right. Remember that the modern work schedule is often unnaturally demanding, and more drastic measures may be warranted.


Think twice before taking prescription drugs

Many doctors, particularly in the pill-happy United States, will want to prescribe patients haunted by daily fatigue with something quite strong. Generally an anti-depressant might be offered. While we do not claim to be a medical doctor, it is common sense to be a bit skeptical of taking powerful drugs for an ailment as common and mundane as fatigue. Luckily there is a natural remedy that has scientific backing, no addiction potential, and very few (if any) side effects. Research shows that supplementation with magnesium helps the human body perform better under stressful or demanding conditions.1


A bit of magnesium can go a long way!

Daily supplementation is best, either through a transdermal application like an Epsom Salt bath and our magnesium oil spray, or through pills and powders ingested orally. While some people report mild stomach irritation with oral supplementation, absorbing magnesium through the skin seems to have the added benefit of muscle relaxation and skin moisturization. Whichever way you decide to supplement, magnesium is much easier on the body than anti-depressants, and won’t lead to the same issues as long term prescription pills sometimes do.
So whether you are convinced you are already deficient, or just want to stave off future problems, a bit of magnesium can go a long way to helping you maintain healthy levels of energy, and to combat the inevitable fatigue of modern life.

1. Golf SW, Bender S, Grüttner J On the significance of magnesium in extreme physical stress. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. (1998)

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