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Flawless skin? Try Magnesium Oil!


Magnesium is a mineral that is essential in our bodies for tons of health benefits. Using magnesium oil is one of the ways in which you can provide your body with magnesium. The oil has the ability to rejuvenate the skin and in addition, it also has a healing effect. It has been used for centuries by ancient people for transdermal and topical therapies. When used to improve your skin, the magnesium oil does a perfect job and leaves your skin vibrant and glowing. Below is a comprehensive list of the benefits that magnesium oil has on skin:

Improves the skin’s functionality by opening up pores

When your skin has a dull luster, it could be due to occupation of dead skin which clogs the pores, therefore, affecting the tissues beneath the skin. Skin pores have several functionalities that are important towards a healthier skin. Magnesium oil helps open up the pores and contains some essential minerals for skin and tissues nourishment. Scrubbing your skin gently with this oil can give you an amazing smooth glowing skin.

Battle against acne

Acne is a skin condition that has become more common today. Skin care companies and dermatologist are at the forefront armed with the necessary information and remedies that can help treat acne. Magnesium products are recommended for a smooth skin especially the magnesium oil. The oil is efficient in treating acne through enhancing skin pores functionality which helps drain sebum, a major cause of acne.

Countering wrinkles and fine lines

Most of us want to stay young forever to maintain a smooth admirable skin but unfortunately, nature has to take its course. However, there are many ways to keep your skin free from wrinkles even as you age and among them is the use of magnesium oil. One of the contributing factors to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is having clogged pores. There are exfoliants that reduce the tension on the wrinkles while removing the dead skin. Some of these exfoliants are too strong which leaves the skin with blemishes. Magnesium oil helps prevent this and nourishes the skin.

Prevents discoloration spots

Brown or black spots on your skin can occur as a result of exposure to the sun particularly if you have an inflammation on the skin. One can use skin care products such as sunscreens or wear hats to prevent the formation of discoloration spots. Magnesium can also be used in preventing the spots. The enzymes responsible for normal skin pigmentation require magnesium which is found in the magnesium oil. Applying the oil on the inflamed parts during the night will come in handy during the day. For the magnesium oil to be effective, it should be left on the skin for some time to allow absorption.

How to use it

Just clean your face with usual routine, but don’t put any moisturizer yet. Apply some magnesium oil with your hands and massage for a minute into your face. It may sting during first applications, but this will pass as your skin gets used to it. If it is really bad, remove the oil with water and towel dry. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then wash off with water. Most likely you won’t need moisturizer.

The benefits outlined above may vary depending on your skin. For those with sensitive skin it is likely best to begin with a small dose of our product to see how you react. After that, feel free to gradually increase your dosage. That warm, tingly feeling you may experience is just the product permeating your skin. However, if you still feel for some reason that the spray is irritating your skin, simply dilute it a bit with water. However, if you do notice any serious or enduring problems, promptly discontinue use and call your health care provider.