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The purest source

Our Magnesium Oil comes from the best source in the world. When you look at many other brands you’ll notice that their Magnesium comes from the Dead Sea or the Great Salt lake. The problem with this ocean or lake derived Magnesium is that it is subject to pollution and contamination. The Great Salt Lake contains high levels of Mercury, so high that even fish consumption warnings have been issued. We noticed a lot of companies using this ocean type Magnesium making claims about purity, but we could not get documentation to support these claims. Because of the contamination in those areas the oil has to undergo several processes to clean it.

That’s why we rely on the Zechstein seabed, a 250-million-year-old inactive sea of magnesium chloride oil that has never been touched by modern day pollution, because it’s 2 miles under the earths surface! It is the most pure Magnesium Oil known of today in its untouched energetic state. There is no contamination and no need for further cleaning or processing.

salt pyramid - zechstein inside-u8405

Facts about the Zechstein source

  • The Zechstein Source produces the most pure and natural Bischofite (=magnesium chloride – hexahydrate)
  • Zechstein magnesium chloride also called “magnesium oil” is therefore the purest natural magnesium source of the world
  • The Zechstein Sea existed already circa 250 million years ago
  • The Zechstein Sea has been isolated from the ocean at several times
  • The Zechstein Sea has gone through three significant cycles of flood and dryness, in a period of several million years
  • The Zechstein Sea is located in the North West of Europe, at a depth of approx. 1600 meters.
    The Bischofite is recovered by solution mining
  • The density of the brine (magnesium oil) is higher than 1,30 kg/l (31%).